Saturday, February 2, 2013

Silver Surfer by Stan Lee & Moebius TP

In a world without heroes, the coming of the spacefaring titan known as Galactus is hailed as a divine event, inspiring a feverish new religious cult that sweeps the world. But there is one person on Earth who recognizes Galactus for what he is... one who sees the coming end of humanity in the terrible immortal's patient planning... one who yet possesses the Power Cosmic and the determination to try and stop the World Eater before it's too late!

The Silver Surfer faces his former master Galactus in a uniquely thoughtful and beautifully illustrated story from two of the comic industry's most talented and prolific creators -- superhero maestro Stan Lee and the irreplaceable European comics master Moebuis. Treat yourself to this memorable classic by picking up the newly collected Silver Surfer by Stan Lee & Moebius TP, available now at Curious Comics!

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