Sunday, February 10, 2013

The New Ghostbusters #1

After years of sweeping up spooky spirits, apprehending appalling apparitions and muzzling malevolent manifestations of all kinds, the worst has finally happened... the Ghostbusters have run into a supernatural threat they couldn't handle. And with the world's most famous paranormal exterminators ejected from reality and lost in limbo, the spectral population of the New York is about to unleash holy hell on the unprotected inhabitants of the Big Apple... so, who you gonna call?

Victoria's own talented Dan Schoening teams up with writer Erik Burnham to craft the next chapter in the history of the Ghostbusters! Don't miss out as Janine Melnitz answers the call, straps on a Proton Pack and assembles her own team of next-generation exorcists... look for The New Ghostbusters #1 when it manifests at Curious Comics on Wednesday February 13!

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