Thursday, March 7, 2013

DC Comics Flash ARTFX+ Statue

He zips by in the blink of an eye, catches criminals before they realize what's happening, and keeps watch on the streets of Central City -- all at the same time! He's the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive in the DC Universe and a key player in the most powerful super-team, the Justice League... and, lucky for us, he's taken thirty seconds out of his busy lightning-fast schedule to pose for the talented sculptors at Kotobukiya. The result is this fantastic new ARTFX+ Statue featuring Barry Allen in his New 52 outfit. Featuring all the details you'll recognize from the best-selling comic books, this 7 1/2" pre-painted statue comes complete with magnets impanted into the soles of his feet to help him stay stable on his included display stand. Just the thing to electrify your boring old bookshelf, end table or computer desk!

Get your DC Comics Flash ARTFX+ Statue now at Curious Comics... before they all zoom off the shelves!

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