Monday, March 25, 2013

POP! Domo + DC Comics Mysterio Minis

Domo-kun gets into the super-hero gig as he tries on a few of DC Comics' most famous costumes in a new must-have mash-up! Featuring your favourite boxy bear-like Japanese cryptid decked out as Superman, Batman, Robin, Shazam and many more DC super-guys, you just know these little blind-packaged collectibles will get snapped up in a hurry.

Does Domo-kun even have super-powers? Maybe not. Does that even matter? Not to Domo-kun! Get your fill of these bite-sized POP! Domo + DC Comics Mysterio Minis Mystery Boxes -- in addition to a selection of larger POP! Domo + DC Comics 3 3/4" Vinyl Figures -- when they all go on sale this Wednesday March 27 at Curious Comics!

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