Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Portal 2 Chell Jumpsuit Tote Bag & Portal Key Caps

The genius-level artificial intelligence GLaDOS has combined forces with Aperture Science's always-innovative product design division to concoct a triumphant new series of experimental collectibles! These awesome new devices are guaranteed to improve your self-image, raise the ambient level of human happiness on sight, and -- as an added bonus -- will almost certainly never threaten to stab you.

Start off with adding the instantly recognizable Portal 2 Chell Jumpsuit Tote Bag to your collection -- an aquisition that will conveniently allow you to carry all your brand new Wednesday comics home in complete corporate logo-branded safety. Then trick out the keys to your car, house or bike lock with your favourite Portal Key Caps -- including the Original Companion Cube Key Cap, the Space Sphere Key Cap, the Cake Level Key Cap and more.

Thank goodness GLaDOS is still alive and doing all this amazing science... right? Look for your Portal 2 Chell Jumpsuit Tote Bag and Portal Key Caps when they arrive tomorrow at Curious Comics!

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