Saturday, March 9, 2013

Savage Hulk Statue

A secret military installation. The first test of an experimental weapon. A reckless teenager who sneaks onto the firing range after a dare... and a snap decision by a brilliant researcher that would change the course of the Marvel Universe forever! These were the events that led to Doctor Bruce Banner getting caught in the world's first Gamma Bomb explosion while trying to save Rick Jones' life -- and this is how the Incredible Hulk was born!

Now you can bring an awesome new version of this iconic comic character into your home with the most faithful Hulk statue ever created! Standing at an imposing 15" high, this stunning Savage Hulk Statue from Bowen Designs is guaranteed to impress, and deserves top billing as the new star of your pop culture collection.

Look for your Savage Hulk Statue when it arrives at Curious Comics on Wednesday March 13!

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