Monday, April 29, 2013

Free Comic Book Day: Infinity Special

Free Comic Book Day is just five days away! That means free stuff, good times, great books... and if you're in Nanaimo, it also means the Second Annual Nanaimo Comic Book Show! Here's just one of the great free books you'll find waiting for you at Curious Comics on Saturday May 4:
Time and again, the mad Titan Thanos has proven himself to be the most dangerous threat in the Marvel Universe... and now he's about to take a crack at dominating Free Comic Book Day! Featuring flashbacks, a sneak peek at an upcoming top-secret Marvel Comics project and the opening chapter of an apocalyptic crisis that promises to loom large over your favourite Marvel titles for the rest of 2013, the Free Comic Book Day: Infinity Special is something you can't afford to miss!

Don't be left out - make sure you get to your local Curious Comics on Satuday May 4th to claim your Free Comic Book Day: Infinity Special! 

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