Saturday, April 20, 2013

Free Comic Book Day: Smurfs Special

Free Comic Book Day is just two weeks away! That means free stuff, good times, great books... and if you're in Nanaimo, it also means the Second Annual Nanaimo Comic Book Show! Here'0s just one of the great free books you'll find waiting for you at Curious Comics on Saturday May 4:

The tiny Smurfs have long had to deal with the menace of the human wizazrd Gargamel... but what happens when the cranky conjurer finds himself the target of a monstrous bully even bigger than he is? With a hungry ogre putting Gargamel on his dinner menu, will the little blue guys leave him to his fate... or will the Smurfs step in and save their worst enemy from his just desserts?

Featuring everyone's favourite little blue dudes, the Free Comic Book Day: Smurfs Special is just one of the terrific books to keep an eye out for come Saturday May 4th. Don't miss out -- be sure to visit your local Curious Comics on Free Comic Book Day 2013!

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