Saturday, April 27, 2013

Free Comic Book Day: Walking Dead Special

Free Comic Book Day is just one week away! That means free stuff, good times, great books... and if you're in Nanaimo, it also means the Second Annual Nanaimo Comic Book Show! Here's just one of the great free books you'll find waiting for you at Curious Comics on Saturday May 4:

Featuring a brand-new, never-before-seen Tyreese story - in addition to re-presented stories featuring the samurai-sword-wielding Michonne, traumatized survivor Morgan Jones, and the unforgettably sadistic Governor - The Walking Dead's entry in this year's Free Comic Book Day lineup makes Saturday May 4 a red-letter day for fans of the best-selling zombie saga. The big shots at Image Comics are promising not to collect these stories in future trade paperbacks, so be sure you don't miss out - get to your local Curious Comics bright and early on Satuday May 4th to claim your Free Comic Book Day Walking Dead Special!

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