Thursday, April 18, 2013

Smallville Season 11 Volume 1 TP

Over a record-breaking ten TV seasons, devoted viewers followed young Clark Kent's strange journey from Kansas farmboy to superpowered hero... but if you thought the story ended when the Last Son of Krypton repelled the invasion of Apokalips and flew off into the sunset, think again. With Batman, the Flash Supergirl, Doomsday and more on the horizon, Clark Kent's neverending battle is just beginning!

Return to the world of the TV series with the continuing adventures of Chloe, Oliver, Lex, Lois and all the other characters you've grown to love as Clark Kent of Smallville makes a new life for himself as Superman! Look for your copy of Smallville Season 11 Volume 1 TP, on sale now at Curious Comics!

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