Sunday, May 12, 2013

Futurama 10" Plushes

Prepare yourselves, pop culture collectors of Earth -- a brand-new series of Futurama 10" Plushes is headed your way! Featuring the seemingly spineless Lieutenant Kif Kroker (long-suffering flunky of astro-dimwit Captain Zapp Brannigan), the semi-belligerent alien Morbo (cranky co-anchor of Earth's evening newscast), and the mesmerizing Hypnotoad (adored star of the irresistable sitcom Everybody Loves Hypnotoad), these squishy collectibles are guaranteed to add a little awesome to your boring old laboratory, rocketship, or interplanetary package delivery company HQ.

Get your Futurama 10" Plushes at Curious Comics this Wednesday May 15 ... and tell 'em the Hypnotoad sent you!

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