Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pathfinder Hardcover Volume 1: Dark Waters Rising

In his adventures across the wild and dangerous world of Galerion, the battle-hardened fighter Valeros has learned that the only thing he can rely upon to see him safely through the chaos of the countryside is his own skill with a sword... that, and the backup provided by his close-knit band of friends and fellow adventurers, of course. Together, Valeros and his companions comprise a team capable of dealing with nearly anything the hazards of Golarion can throw at them... but as a mysterious player moves to unite the scattered goblin tribes of Varisia - forging the vicious little monsters into a cohesive force capable of overwhelming any opposition - even these heroes may find themselves outmatched!

Featuring an exclusive bonus story in addition to the first six chapters of the comic book series and more than thrity pages of supplementary material for RPG players - including ready-made encounters, characters and hidden details on the world of Golarion -  the Pathfinder Hardcover Volume 1: Dark Waters Rising is an epic fantasy adventure no sword & sorcery fan should be without. Look for your own copy on sale now at Curious Comics!

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