Sunday, May 26, 2013

X-Men #1

An orphaned baby who could hold the key to a cosmic mystery. The unexpected return of an embittered enemy. An ancient intergalactic war pitting brother against sister... and an impending alien invasion that could threaten to extinguish all life on Earth. These are the events that draw together six of the most experienced champions of Charles Xavier's dream of a brighter future... to protect the innocent, save the planet and write an unforgettable new chapter in the history of the X-Men!

Best-selling writer Brian Wood (DMZ, The Massive) joins forces with artist Olivier Coipel (Avengers vs X-Men, Thor) for an unmissable new ongoing series! Don't be left out - reserve your copy of X-Men #1 before it hits the shelves at Curious Comics this coming Wednesday May 29!

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