Thursday, June 13, 2013

Masters of the Universe POP Vinyl Figures

A Prince of Eternia, empowered by ancient magics to defend his world. A ruthless warlord, determined to claim the mystical Castle Greyskull for himself. A despotic sorcerer, ruling the world of Etheria with an iron fist. A Princess of Power, battling for the honour of Greyskull and the freedom of her people. These are the immortal characters at the heart of the legendary Masters of the Universe and She-Ra adventure franchises - and these are the newest must-have characters to join the ranks of Funko's collectible POP Vinyl Figures!

Seize the power of Castle Greyskull for yourself - hurry to Curious Comics and get your hands on these truly awesome Masters of the Universe POP Vinyl Figures before they're all gone!

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