Saturday, July 27, 2013

Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 1/350 Model Kit

Before James T. Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard took to the stars... before the United Federation of Planets was born... a starship called Enterprise was the first to explore the galaxy! In an era where practically no alien races had even heard of a remote backwater place called Earth, Captain Jonathan Archer and his crew pushed the boundaries of human experience and set the standard for all the Starfleet adventurers who came after.

Now you can add this faithful reproduction of Starfleet's first long-range space exploration vessel to your ready room! Measuring an impressive two feet long when assembled and boasting all the series-accurate details discriminating fans expect, this 1/350 scale model kit of the Enterprise NX-01 has earned its place among her sister ships in your Star Trek collection.  Look for your Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 1/350 Model Kit - in addition to a wide selection of other Star Trek collectibles - out now at Curious Comics!

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