Saturday, August 10, 2013

Magi Volume 1 TP

Wealth. Power. Immortality. It is said that all of these may be claimed by the adventurer brave enough to face the mortal dangers of the otherworldly Dungeon towering over the city of Balbadd... and though the struggling young desert merchant Alibaba has long dreamed of solving the mysteries of the Dungeon and claiming its wonders as his own, dreams are as close as he has come to the task. But today, all of that will change. Today, Alibaba will meet a strange boy called Aladdin and the powerful Djinn the youngster commands... and today, Alibaba will set out to conquer his first Dungeon!

The hit adventure series comes to Western readers as VIZ delivers another best-selling manga to your bookshelf! Look for Magi Volume 1 TP when it arrives at Curious Comics on Wednesday August 14!

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