Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Masks Volume 1 TP

When the government itself starts working against the innocent... justice is delivered from behind a Mask! The year is 1938 - and as a corrupt political party is swept into power, it's a heyday for the criminal gangs of New York State... and open season on anyone who would oppose them. But there are some who can tell right from wrong no matter what side of the law they might be on - and together, the Shadow, the Green Hornet, the Spider, the Green Lama, Black Terror, Miss Fury, the Black Bat and the legendary swordsman Zorro are prepared to lay everything on the line to bring New York back from the brink!

It's one of the greatest team-ups of all time as some of the most influential heroes of the Golden Age join forces for an all-star pulp adventure! Look for your copy of Masks Volume 1 TP - collecting the entire 8-issue miniseries - when it goes on sale tomorrow at Curious Comics!

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