Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Smurfs Volume 16: Aerosmurf TP

Safe in their little village hidden deep in the forest, the Smurfs lead a fairly peaceful life. But there's one Smurf who has always had his eye on the horizon, looking up into the sky and dreaming of doing what no Smurf had ever Smurfed before. And now - with a little design help from Handy Smurf - Flying Smurf is about to fulfill his ambition of becoming the first Smurf in the sky! Unfortunately for the whole village, Flying Smurf's first flight does not go as planned... and with a wrecked garden plot, a missing Smurfette and the whole village in an uproar, it's up to Flying Smurf to put things right again!

Off we Smurf, into the wild blue yonder! Look for The Smurfs Volume 16: Aerosmurf TP - and many more collections of best-selling Smurf comic adventures - on the shelf now at Curious Comics!

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