Saturday, September 21, 2013

DC Villains Month Continues

Lex Luthor - a genius determined to match his intellect against the strength of the most powerful hero on Earth. Ras al Ghul - a near-immortal mastermind with a startling vision for the future. Anton Arcane - one of the most vile beings in existence. Eclipso - a denizen of Gemworld seeking revenge on those who trapped in him in the Black Diamond. These are some of the greatest villains in the DC Universe... and these are the characters who are taking over your favourite DC comics as the all-encompassing Villains Month continues!

Look for Action Comics #23.3, Batman and Robin #23.3, Justice League Dark #23.2, Swamp Thing #23.1, and many more special issues spotlighting the villains of the DCU, on the shelf now at Curious Comics!

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