Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Star Wars #1

The forces of Darth Vader's New Galactic Empire are on the march and headed for the peaceful world of Aquilae... and only the battle-hardened General Luke Skywalker and young Jedi-Bendu Annikin Starkiller stand in their way! But can these two heroes really hope halt the advance of the Knights of Sith and their legions of lazersword-wielding Stormtroopers?

It's the outer space epic that might have been - the first comic book adaptation of George Lucas' original script treatment for Star Wars! Featuring art based on Ralph McQuarrie's legendary original character designs and a look inside the creative process of the most influential filmmaker of the last fifty years, get your copy of The Star Wars #1 when it goes on sale tomorrow at Curious Comics!

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