Friday, October 4, 2013

Digital Comics Pick of the Month: Vampire Hunter D

In the distant future, the ravages of war have left a diminished humanity scraping out a meagre existence in the midst of a terrible new Dark Age... one administered by a ruling class of the hungry undead. Reawakened after countless centuries, this world now belongs to the ruthless Nobility - vampire lords who govern the peasantry according to their terrible whims and bloody appetites. But there is one who is not afraid of the hunger that feeds by night. A half-breed dhampir, cursed and feared by living and undead alike, the Vampire Hunter known only as D wanders the shattered countryside, and - calling on dark and mysterious powers of his own - exacts his own personal vendetta against the sinister masters of this shattered world.

Already a best-selling series of novels and two legendary anime films, the manga adaptation of Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D saga is a stylish way to set the mood for your Hallowe'en! Head on over to the Curious Comics Digital Store to check out the Vampire Hunter D Manga Series - as well as a huge selection of other comics and graphic novels available at the click of a button! Click here, sign up and grab yourself a few Hallowe'en treats today!

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