Friday, December 20, 2013

Conan TP Volume 14: The Death

Alongside his love Belit the Pirate Queen, wandering adventurer Conan the Barbarian has forged a new life for himself as a member of the most feared crew of privateers sailing the Black Coast. But when news reaches him of a ruthless criminal terrorizing the villages of his homeland - a rogue with the audacity to call himself Conan - Cimmeria's most famous wandering son leaves the sea behind and heads back to the harsh wilderness of his youth in search of the impostor. Together, Conan and Belit will face the frozen wastes of his childhood, the vicious army plaguing the countryside and the mystery of who has usurped Conan's reputation... and it will be a homecoming Conan the Barbarian will never forget!

Crom's Blood! It's another unmissable installment in Brian Wood's epic run on Conan, collected in a softcover format for the first time! Look for Conan TP Volume 14: The Death, out Tuesday December 24 at Curious Comics!

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