Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dead Boy Detectives #1

Welcome to St Hilarion's Boarding School. You may have heard of the place; it was here that young Edwin Paine was murdered back in 1916... and here that student Charles Rowland met his unhappy end some seven decades later, after the school had been overrun by escapees from Hell. Not that death slowed either of them down much. Declining passage to the afterlife in favour of a new career as ghostly detectives, Edwin and Charles have tackled mass disappearances, horrific murders, missing magicians and other bizarre mysteries... but can these two Dead Boy Detectives solve the greater puzzle behind their own deaths?

Born of Neil Gaiman's best-selling Sandman epic, the Dead Boy Detectives are stepping into the spotlight with their own series! Look for your copy of Dead Boy Detectives #1 when it goes on sale at Curious Comics on New Year's Eve, Tuesday December 31!

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