Sunday, January 5, 2014

Digital Comics Pick of the Month: Doctor Who

2013 was a big year for Doctor Who fans - with the conclusion of the 7th series, the blockbuster 50th Anniversary Special and the end of Matt Smith's era in the Christmas Special - but it will be a long wait before the next series airs on BBC in the fall of 2014. We can't make them show it any sooner, but we can help take your mind off the long months ahead with a visit to the Doctor Who section of the Curious Comics Digital Store.

Featuring stories starring almost all of the currently known incarnations of your favourite Time Lord - including the always-popular Tenth and Eleventh Doctors - the Curious Comics Digital Store is packed with stories never seen on your TV screen, ready to be delivered straight to the smartphone, tablet and/or computer of your choice. Just follow this link to the Curious Comics Digital Store, sign in and start exploring all of time and space straight away!

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