Sunday, February 9, 2014

Royals: Masters of War #1

1940. As the bombs of the Blitz hammer London, the city faces certain destruction under the Luftwaffe's brutal assault... but this isn't our world, and this isn't the history you know. Here, one man with incredible powers and abilities has had enough of sitting on the sidelines - but as England's Prince Henry breaks the agreement preventing the superhumans of the world from joining the war, he may save a city while risking an entire planet. Because the United Kingdom isn't the only nation with an unusual royal family, and far away in the Land of the Rising Sun, the immortal Emperor Jimmu - first ruler of Japan - is preparing to counter Henry's actions by leading his own troops onto the battlefield...

Look for your copy of Royals: Masters of War #1, out Wednesday February 12 at Curious Comics!

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