Thursday, May 1, 2014

New 52: Future's End #1

A terrible war with another world has taken its toll on the people of Earth... but for the heroes of the New 52, their never-ending battle continues - even if that battle has forced them to take strange new paths.

In Gotham, Batman employs unlikely allies and dangerous new methods in his war on crime. In Central City, the Flash must fight his future self for control of the Speed Force. In the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, the new sovereign has sentenced Aquaman to death. Across the universe, Green Lanterns are facing the terrifying return of the Black Lanterns. And there is a disturbing new Superman stalking the streets of Metropolis...

It's the DC Comics event everyone will be talking about in 2014! It starts this Saturday with a special Free Comic Book Day #0 issue - and then continues next week with the release of The New 52: Future's End #1! Look for your copy at Curious Comics on Wednesday May 7!

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