Thursday, April 23, 2015

Free Comic Book Day Spotlight: Pokemon Manga Special

Free Comic Book Day 2015 is on Saturday May 2 - and that's just over one week away! Featuring tons of free books from publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and more, make the most of Free Comic Book Day at your favourite Curious Comics location - in Victoria, Langford or Nanaimo!

Xerneas - the powerful Fairy-type Pokemon, keeper of the seceret of eternal life. Yveltal - the sinister counterpart of Xerneas, capable of absorbing the life-force of living creatures. When these two Legendary Pokemon clash, the fallout from their battle endangers everything around them - and could completely destroy Vaniville Town!

It's all happening in the FCBD Pokemon Manga Special - yours for free on Free Comic Book Day! Bring the whole family and stock up on free comics at Curious Comics in Victoria, Langford or Nanaimo - only on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 2 2015!

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